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Referred by a family member

A family member bought an Ameena mattress and loved it, so we thought we would give it a try. We have had the mattress for four months now and so far we are really enjoying it. The set up was easy, we were surprised a queen size mattress fit in a box. We have already recommended this mattress to some friends.

William L. - Lansing, MI

Great mattress

From ordering to delivery to use the experience has been top notch. The mattress itself is not too soft. If you think it's too firm for your liking, give it a couple months because it does get softer from use.

Steve F. - Charlestown, WV

Smooth ordering and delivery

Ordering and delivery was a very smooth process. My wife was able to set up the mattress on her own, the instructions were easy to follow. Unfortunately my wife feels the mattress is too soft so we will be returning. We have had a very positive overall experience.

George P. - Clearwater, FL

Smoothe Ordering and easy customer support

We bought a King size mattress for our guest room as we have a Sleep Number mattress for our primary bed room. Coming from a sleep number mattress to an Ameena mattress was not too different apart from the ability to adjust the Sleep Number mattress firmness. I did not have any issue with the mattress sleeping on it for a few weeks. My wife on the other hand complained that she had some pain on her side from the mattress, of course we had to test this theory and when she return to our SN mattress she was good again and when she switch back to this mattress the issue resume after the first night of sleeping on it. I did several of these test as I really wanted to keep the mattress since it was fine for me but every time she slept on it, she was having the same issue. regretfully we ended up returning it and the process could not have been any smoother. I sent an email with all my information including my order number and got a response a day later with instructions on how to donate it to Salvation Army. I setup a donation and send the receipt to the representative and a day later I receive a nice email stating that my refund has been processed.

I do like this company and how they operate and that is why I decided to write this review. It didn't work for my wife but that is not a reason to not try it for yourself. I give it 4 stars because my wife was dissatisfied with it, but personally I would give it a 5 star.

Nickey C. - Mechanicville, NY

Easy Purchase

The reason we bought the Ameena mattress is because it was an all foam mattress. We loved the easy unboxing of the mattress and were quite surprised that it fit in such a small box. We are loving our mattress its very comfortable.

Thuan N. - Middletown, NY

Love the mattress so far...

Great experience so far with the Ameena mattress. I had an issue with the cutter and unboxing the mattress but Jamie helped me correct it right away. We had wonderful service with Ameena. My wife and I are loving the mattress so far and hope to continue to for many years to come!

Jesse H. - Burleson, TX

Super Service

I have had a very positive buying experience from Ameena. Delivery was smooth and very easy. The staff has been very friendly answering all of my questions.

Overall presentation of the mattress was great, I am just not sure the mattress is a right fit for me. I am still giving a 5 star rating because of the helpful service I received and ease of delivery. I am undecided on the mattress at this time but am happy that there is a free trial period. I have lots of sleep issues so the free trial has been a blessing for me.

Gail T. - Pittsboro, NC

Smooth ordering

I ordered the mattress online which was a smooth process. I did have an issue with shipping but only because I needed to change the address. Due to my order shipping so fast there was a bit of a headache in making the change but only because it was already in transit. Over all I am enjoying the mattress.

Daniel P. - Seattle, WA

Happy to be sleeping well again!

Ordering was easy... I spoke with a sales rep who answered all of my questions with ease. The UPS delivery was easily received, the box was small enough that I could have fit it in my car. I enjoyed receiving the mattress with the Ameena bag and instructions. The risk free trial helped to ease our mind with the purchasing a mattress online without trying it first.

We own another foam bed and prefer sleeping on the Ameena. We have received compliments on the mattress by guests that have stayed in our home as well. We have suffered from back issues for a number of years and are no longer experiencing these issues due to the support we are receiving with the Ameena mattress.

We are so happy to be sleeping well again and have been telling family and friends about the mattress.

Theresa N. - Brighton, MI

No Fuss mattress

I am getting a great night's sleep all the time now. The Ameena mattress is very comfortable and I had no trouble setting it up. Delivery was super easy with no fuss. I did forget to add my coupon code when I placed my order, customer service was extremely helpful and applied the coupon for me right away.

Tonya L. - Orlando, FL

Best decision we have made!

This is the first foam mattress my wife and I have owned. We purchased a king size and it is amazing, arrived right away, unpacked and we were sleeping on it 30 mins later. It's the perfect combination of support and comfort. Would recommend the Ameena mattress to everyone!

Peter T. - Atlanta, GA

Sleeps Like a Dream

I was skeptical to buy online but had confidence in purchasing after speaking with a representative who explained the 120 night trial. I am loving my Ameena mattress and would highly recommend giving it a try.

Sarah H. - Boulder, CO

Finally, he loves a mattress!

My teenage son finally loves a mattress...thank goodness there are other boyss to give the old ones to! He sleeps great! The box was a mes when it arrives but the mattress was packed worries- customer service was great.

Janine O. - Pearl River, NY

Absolutely love it!

I ordered my mattress online... it was delivered quickly to my home. I would consider myself a mover in my sleep and I have been very comfortable in all positions. I am absolutely loving the Ameena mattress and would highly recommended to anyone looking for a mattress. For me one of the things I love about the product is that its all made here in the United States.

Michael P. - Van Nuys, CA

Good mattress, great customer service

Customer service was great, quick response always and really helpful. Order arrived as scheduled. Mattress is really comfortable, my wife loved how it relieved her back pain. I found it too soft and motion transfer was more than I was expecting so I had to return it. Ameena gave me instructions to donate the mattress and reimbursed my money after United Way picked it up.

Yamil E. - Orlando, FL

Best Sleep Ever!

The bed was extremely comfortable and conformed right to me. I fell asleep so fast and woke up not wanting to get up. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to everyone!

Jon B. - Grand Rapids, MI

Extremely comfortable

My wife and I love our Ameena mattress. It was a very easy transaction. The mattress is very sturdy and extremely comfortable. We feel like the mattress sleeps a bit warm, but realize that some of that is due to our linens... nothing a light fan won't fix! We are so glad we went with the Ameena, we are sleeping great!

Tom C. - Gahanna, OH

Shopped the competitors

We love the mattress and actually got rid of our old mattress to replace with the Ameena because of the trial period we kept our old one until recently. The Ameena mattress is a very comfortable overall we are very pleased with it.

I had been shopping around on a few competitors sites... Casper' and Leesa. I actually went to a store in my area and tried the Casper. While I was doing research online I came across a review for Ameena and decided to check it out. I am so glad I did, the giving back is a huge part of what won me over. I have been extremely impressed with the customer service and follow through on my order.

My box arrived a bit banged up no fault of Ameena but the product was packaged so well there were no issues! We love our Ameena and have recommended our family and friends to purchase as well!

Ray W. - Pasadena, CA

Very Comfortable Mattress

I bought the Ameena mattress online for a out of town home I live in for work, however my wife and I like the mattress so much we are going to replace our King size mattress in the near future. This mattress is a very comfortable mattress that I have been very pleased with.

I was pleasantly surprised when the mattress arrived to my home in such a small box. The un-boxing and set up was very easy. We have been very pleased with the service and the product.

Henry K. - Eagle Pass, TX

Finally a perfect mattress

After moving into a new home my husband and I decided it was time for a new mattress.Ordering our Ameena was simple and unpacking was super easy. After a few nights of adjusting, we couldn't believe an out-of-the-box mattress could be this comfortable. It has the perfect amount of softness and cradles well. I swear I don't move through the night.Being that both of us are on our feet all day we honestly can't wait to head off to bed at night.Thanks Ameena!

Therese P. - Howell, MI

Pressure re-leaving

We love our Ameena mattress. We have had it for 8 months now. We started searching for a mattress to help with back pain I have been experiencing. So far its been helping re-leave pressure from my back allowing me to sleep a bit longer.

Our overall experience was a happy one! My only suggestion would be that Ameena carry a mattress cover of some sort to aide in protecting the mattress for the warranty. We found ours at another retailer but it would compliment the mattress well if it was offered!

Eben E. - West Tisbury, MA

Comfortable nights sleep

I had the pleasure of sleeping on this mattress when I was out of town staying with a family friend. I got such a good nights sleep I had to peek under the covers to see what it was. I had never heard of Ameena so I jumped online to see what it was all about. I found that the price seems to be fair based on your typical mattress. The idea that it ships UPS direct to my house is also impressive. Now I don't have to wait around for delivery. I am looking forward to buying my own Ameena mattress once I am back at my permanent residence.

Kenneth S. - Miami, FL

Process as smooth as an Amazon purchase

I am very happy with the Ameena mattress, so happy that I have purchased two! The mattress is extremely comfortable, I often find myself thinking ahh when I lay down.

The delivery was very smooth process similar to a delivery from Amazon. Order online and its shipped directly to your home with no hassle of having to set up a delivery date. The un-boxing/set up was a very smooth process.

I am so glad that the product is made in the US as this was one thing I look for when making purchases. I have recommended my family and friends consider buying an Ameena mattress! It's a 5 star mattress!

William S. - Arlington, VA


I was skeptical that one mattress could be good for all, but we like it. It is not the best mattress I have ever slept on. It is the best mattress I have purchased. It is also that only one that has not given me buyer's remorse.

Melissa L. - Woodbury, MN

Side Sleeping

Being a side sleeper it's very important for my mattress to be supportive of my neck and spine. I use to wake up with back pain, hip pain, neck pain and leg pains with my old mattress. But after sleeping on the Ameena mattress for a few months now I am no longer experiencing those issues. The mattress is conforming to my body to give me an all around comfortable nights sleep. I am very pleased with my purchase!

Kim M. - Boulder, CO

Support for the whole body

The Ameena mattress contours and supports the body very well. We were impressed with the mattress set up process. Buying a mattress online I was worried about setting it up ourselves. However we we surprised with how easy it was to set up the mattress. There were clear instructions given in the box. They even provided a nifty cutter to remove the plastic from around the mattress.

I would say this mattress is great for couples sharing a bed especially if one person is a light sleeper. My husband moves quite a bit in his sleep and it doesn't seem to be disturbing me like it has with other mattresses.

Kristine P. - Fairfax, VA

Untouchable sleep

This was the best and easiest transition we have ever made as a married couple. We were sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress and thought it was going to take some time to adjust to the Ameena. The quality of sleep we both get now is untouchable. We love our new mattress and are so glad we made the decision to shop online.

To top it off... The customer service was incredible, thank you Ryan for your attention to our order. We experienced a slight delay in delivery, but the quality of care we got from the Ameena team made the delay seem like nothing!! Cheers to a goodnights sleep!

Ron A. - Portland, OR

Best nights sleep...

It was amazing to see the mattress come to life out of the box, because that is what it did. I was skeptical about buying a mattress online but after reading about the guarantee I thought what do we have to lose?

From our first night on our new mattress my husband and I have both loved the Ameena mattress. I sleep so deep and peaceful, I can't say enough good things about this mattress we are finally sleeping soundly!

Thank you for your research and time you have put in to making a great product. Getting a good nights sleep in very important to me and taking a chance on ordering a mattress online paid off for our family!

Cynthia H. - San Jose, CA

Nothing to Lose!

After sleeping on our Ameena mattress for about 2 weeks, my wife and I are very happy with our purchase. We were a bit skeptical at first, but ultimately decided to go ahead after realizing we had nothing to lose-they offer a money back guarantee. This mattress feels almost identical to the mattress my wife and I enjoyed locally, but over $1000 cheaper. I'm glad we decided to go this route and that our local salesman refused to offer a money back guarantee which led to us finding Ameena.

Chad H. - Bourbonnais, IL

Like A Dream

My husband and I received our mattress and have been sleeping like a dream on it. Its one of the most comfortable mattresses we have laid on. The delivery and set up of the mattress was a breeze, we were shocked with how easy it was. The complete process was simple, what a breath of fresh air from past mattress shopping experiences.

Sandy B. - Columbus, OH

Ameena Mattress

I had back surgery six months ago and slept great on this mattress for my 3 nite stay at a friends home recently. In addition to the great nites sleep I awoke refreshed and ready for the day with little to no stiffness in my back ,I recommend this mattress to anyone that has back issues in there life.

Neal B. - Sheldon, IL

Perfect fit for our needs

My husband and I purchased our first Ameena mattress a couple months ago. We assumed there would be an adjustment period to get used to it since we had been sleeping on a Tempurpedic for many years, but we were wrong. The first thing we noticed was that it was more comfortable when we sat in bed to watch television, not sinking in like quicksand as with our previous bed. My husband is a side sleeper and was concerned that our new Ameena mattress may be too firm for this position, and again we were surprised the next morning when he felt great; no aches and pains, and only he shifted once the entire night! I'm a back sleeper, so from the moment I lied down on it, I knew it was perfect for me, so no shock at all when I awoke without my usual mid-back pain. I was also able to sleep without a pillow, only using my neck roll. I have to also mention that we've been able to sleep without the air conditioner running this Summer because this awesome mattress doesn't make us hot like our Tempurpedic. I think it's safe to say that we adore our Ameena mattress, and we will never buy another brand!

Kate L. - Spring Hill, KS

Finally able to sleep...

After having my second child, I didn't think I was ever going to have a good night sleep again. I was wrong. The Ameena mattress provided just that! I love my Ameena mattress and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Pros: Budget friendly, Supportive, Conforming
Cons: NA

Jennifer Q. - Brooklyn, NY

We Want Your Feedback!

Read Our Industry Reviews The Ameena allows you to sink into the mattress for pressure relief without having to worry about feeling stuck, and if you sleep in multiple positions, this mattress should have a comfortable feel as you adjust throughout the night. Ameena is a comfortable mattress featuring the popular latex-over-memory-foam construction. They have a great giving back program that leads the industry. If you like a mattress that you can change positions on easily and one that will sleep cooler than most, the Ameena would be a great choice. A nice CertiPUR-US certified mattress for a fraction of the cost... Add that in with the donation program and you have yourself a real winner.